How to Bring the Scandinavian Interior Design into Your Home?

Scandinavian interior design entails a wide range of elements that you can use, change, or bring into focus in your home. The style’s popularity rose in the late 50s in North America and has won over the world with its functionality and simplicity. The style has also become popular among designers and homeowners because it speaks both to tidy tendencies and the desire to live in comfortable and inviting spaces. Do you want to get the Scandinavian style in your home? Well, here are the tips.

Play with natural light

Cosy accents, striking modern furniture sets, and minimalist colour palettes define the Scandinavian interior design. The style often plays with natural light, which is a rare commodity in Scandinavian countries. Expansive glass windows and light window treatments are a few ways to bring natural light into your home.

Light wooden floors

Wall-to-wall carpeting isn’t a thing in Scandinavian interior design. You’re likely to find light hardwood floors in every room except the bathroom in a Scandinavian home. You can remodel your existing darker wooden floors by sanding and re-oiling them with white floor oil. Whitewashing is an alternative. Mix white paint with water to your desired concentration, but depending on the look you want. The darker wood floor will show through a less concentrated mix.

Mix and match with natural materials

Combine various natural materials in your design to add some texture to your house. Please bring in a mix of different woods but remember to keep them pale for most parts. Add some hemp, brass, seagrass, rattan, wicker, leather, copper, and much more. Do not forget to add some leafy plants, whether it’s a potted plant or a few stems put into a glass jar.


Lighting is everything in a Scandinavian home. Nordic countries experience long dark winters; therefore, they use lots of lights in their homes. Scandinavian style favours hanging pendants or light bulbs over the ceiling-mounted spotlights. It also favours scattering candles and lamps around the house to diffuse light.

Creating a Scandinavian interior in your house should not be difficult and expensive. It only takes understanding what a Scandinavian style entails and remodelling your space to match the style. You can check Tylko’s article about Scandinavian interior design for more information and inspiration: