Mind-Blowing Moss Walls Ideas for Your House

Nature lovers go a long way to ensure they enjoy the green, especially in their homes. What could be appealing more than Moss walls? You don’t have to be good with plants as you can get preserved moss walls. New inventions allow you to have safe live moss walls in your house without any hustle. Read on to find out about moss wall ideas that could be perfect for your home. 

What Moss Wall Ideas Do You Need?

Below are moss wall ideas you should use to decorate your home. They include:

Preserved Moss Kitchen Wall

Moss wall designers preserve moss in a nice artistic way. As a result, you don’t have to worry about pollen if you have pollen allergies. If you live in an old house, you can cover the unattractive walls with Moss walls. Take advantage of your dilapidated walls to create a moss art masterpiece that is free of bugs and doesn’t produce pollen. Since it’s preserved, it won’t need water or sunlight to thrive but will still be awesome aesthetically.

Live Moss wall Garden

If you have an outdoor garden, you can create a backyard garden wall with moss and leafy plants. The sight is gorgeous; especially it faces your living room. It’s advisable to use live moss plants here as you have enough space for watering them. They also have enough direct sunlight to thrive, not forgetting that you don’t have to worry about pollen outdoor.


You can never go wrong when it comes to moss wall design as you can either choose live or preserved moss depending on your needs.